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Posted on May 27th, 2015 by admin Trimble Ref Tek 130-MC

REF TEK equipment is primarily designed for unmanned field-portable seismic recording. Because of the large number of international cooperative experiments conducted in the past, our equipment has been used in every climatic extreme for applications including digital telemetry, broadband, short-period, and strong motion applications.

Our equipment is proven to be heat, humidity, and dust tolerant. Every critical subsystem is housed in a completely sealed case and tested for proper operation to the ambient temperature range of -20° to +60°C. Software for critical subsystems is contained on EPROM’s with watchdog timers to prevent system failures. Furthermore, detailed State-of-Health (SOH) information is recorded to keep the user informed about the status of the system.

Trimble Ref Tek 130S-01 High Resolution Seismic Recorder

High Resolution Seismic Recorders

Digitize And Store Data From
Seismic Sensors

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Trimble Ref Tek 130-SMHR High Resolution Strong Motion Recorders

High Resolution Strong Motion Recorders

Structural and Seismic
Activity Monitoring

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Trimble Kestrel SeismoGeodetic System SG-160-09


Integrated Seismic and
Geodetic System

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Trimble Ref Tek 151B Seismic Sensor


Seismometers and

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Trimble Ref Tek Software

Command / Control &
Processing Software

Tools for Improving

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All our instruments are self-contained, environmentally protected units, which can be deployed in any place around the globe and can operate unattended for extended periods of time. All REF TEK recorders are very compact, watertight, and light. Both seismic and strong motion recorders provide a flexible approach to collecting seismic data for monitoring earthquakes and microseismic events in local, regional, and global studies.

The 130 family of recorders can be used for both stand alone and network configurations without any additional hardware modification. They are “ready to go for any application”. The adaptability of the recording systems, its portability, and the variety of sensors provided by REF TEK offer to research scientists unique new capabilities.


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