Software - Gather, Interpret and Present Seismic Data

Posted on December 5th, 2016 by vapro

REF TEK has developed the RTI software suite for network station communication, command / control, real-time and interactive data viewing of 130 Recorders over LAN / WAN. RTI is multiplatform software suite and runs on Windows, Linux, or MacOS Notebook / Desktop computers.

We’ve also created interactive processing and analysis software programs to provide customers more in-depth tools to manage and facilitate their data.

Trimble Ref Tek RTI Software Suite

RTI Software Suite

The RTI Software Suite was developed for network station communication, command/control, real-time and interactive data viewing of Trimble Ref Tek Recorders.

Trimble Ref Tek IFSC Software

Field Setup Controller (iFSC)

Our Field Setup Controller (iFSC) software app was developed for command/control of the Trimble REF TEK 130 Recorders in the field.

Trimble Ref Tek COMPASS Software


COMPASS is a very powerful and user-friendly interactive software providing 130 Recorder users both weak and strong motion comprehensive data processing tools.


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