REF TEK seismic equipment has, over its 40 years of production, been in used in every climate extreme on earth as well as populous urban areas. It has proven its ability to withstand the elements and the impact of human activities.

mountains and faultlines


At the core of all seismological work is accurate data.

Our high resolutions seismic recorders, high resolution strong motion recorders, broadband and accelerometer sensors have been used in wide variety of seismic and earthquake engineering applications. Structural monitoring, oil platform monitoring, active source experiments and, of course, aftershock studies and wide spread early warning systems.

Structural Monitoring

Monitoring provides the information required to support a safe living & working environment.

Structures such as high-rise buildings, dams, oil platforms and bridges are subject to vibration, ground movement, extreme weather conditions and construction activities. Any of these can have an impact on their structural health.

structural image
water hazard

Hazard Mitigation

Hazard Mitigation is the process of monitoring and recording seismic activity

Governments and international organizations recognize that catastrophic events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, avalanches, mudslides and man-made events can decimate populations, especially in urban centres.