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REF TEK equipment is designed for unmanned field-portable seismic recording. Because of the large number of international cooperative experiments REF TEK products have supported, all REF TEK equipment has been used in every climatic extreme for applications including digital telemetry, broadband, short-period, and strong motion applications.

REF TEK equipment is proven to be heat, humidity, and dust tolerant. Every critical subsystem is housed in a completely sealed case and tested for proper operation to the ambient temperature range of -20° to +60°C. Software for critical subsystems is contained on EPROM’s with watchdog timers to prevent system failures. And, detailed State-of-Health (SOH) information is recorded to keep the user continuously informed about the status of the system.


REF TEK has developed the RTI software suite for network station communication, command / control, real-time and interactive data viewing of 130 Recorders over LAN / WAN. RTI is multiplatform software suite and runs on Windows, Linux, or MacOS Notebook / Desktop computers. We’ve also created interactive processing and analysis software programs to provide customers more in-depth tools to manage and facilitate their data.

RTI Software Suite

The RTI Software Suite was developed for network station communication, command/control, real-time and interactive data viewing of Trimble REF TEK Recorders.

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