High Resolution Portable Seismic Recorders, Sensors & Software

REF TEK has been thoughtfully designing, manufacturing, and supporting high quality, robust equipment for seismic monitoring systems for over 40 years. An early leader in the market, REF TEK’s team have decades of experience in designing product and systems for your application.

Our products have been field proven in every climatic extreme for applications such as digital telemetry, broadband, short-period and strong motion. Products are heat, humidity and dust tolerant and well suited for installation in Antarctica, the Gobi Desert, and the Monsoon Zone. But our seismic recorders and sensors are also sensitive enough to record motion at great distances and flexible enough to adapt and capture major events close by.

How is that possible?

Every critical sub-system is housed in a completely sealed case and tested for proper operation for ambient temperature form -20 degrees C to + 60 degrees C. Software for critical systems are contained on EPROMs with watchdog timers to prevent system failure. Detailed State of Health (SOH) information is recorded so that you are continuously aware of the state of your system.

REF TEK’s latest generation broadband seismic recorder has a 32-bit A/D performance boost and a large dynamic range.
130-SMHR Strong Motion High Resolution Recorder provides accurate data about seismic events, especially as they relate to buildings and structures.
A third-generation digital recording system designed for structural monitoring and to civil engineering requirements. Its built-in communication capabilities provide real time and on-demand data collection across all channels.
This flexible and portable broadband seismometer is ideal for portable deployments and rugged enough for long term deployment in local and regional networks.


The 147 Low Noise model is +/- 4g full scale and provides excellent dynamic range which is useful when used with 24-bit digitizers like the REF TEK 130S Series Data Loggers and the 130-MC recorder.
The 151B Observer is a force-balance feedback sensor with available frequency bandwidth from 0.0083 (or 120 s) – 50 Hz. It is ideal for use in seismicity studies due to its low self-noise performance.
A ruggedized version of the Resolute, to extend the temperature range and conditions the Resolute can operate in.
The Resolute-Pin RTK Base and Rover generate precision position data for subsidence and three dimensional deformation monitoring.
The ultra low power geodetic grade reference receiver. Optional embedded telemetry makes the Resolute Reference the ultimate receiver for remote applications.

                Software to help you get the most out of your seismic monitoring solution.

REF TEK software enhances the ability to retrieve and analyze data captured by the REF TEK Seism