Lennartz Sensors

On Dec 8th, 2023 Reftek Systems purchased the intellectual property and assets of Lennartz Electronic of Tubingen, Germany. 

As we begin the process of moving Lennartz to Canada, we are very excited to announce the addition of the Lennartz sensors to the Reftek product line and we will begin shipments of Lennartz products on Jan 1st, 2024. 

We look forward to serving past Lennartz customers with the same level of excellence that they were accustomed to over the last 64 years. We encourage all potential customers to revisit this iconic brand known for its precision and robustness.

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LE-3Dlite MkIII

Compact, high performance three-component 1Hz seismometer

The Le-3Dlite is perfectly suited for all kinds of local (micro)seismic monitoring- no matter if you want to measure tectonic, volcanic or induced seismicity. The seismometer is made for fieldwork in harsh environments.


LE-1D/Vlite MkIII

Compact, high performance one-component 1Hz seismometer

The LE-1D/V is the little brother of the LE-3Dlite and perfectly suited to density seismic networks, to install seismic small arrays, and for engineering purposes. The LE-1D/V made for fieldwork in harsh environments. 



High performance three-component 1Hz borehole seismometer

The LE-3D/BH seismometer is the borehole version of the LE-3Dlite and the best solution for challenging and urban sites. The seismometer is very robust, ultra-slim and has an ultra-low power consumption. This sensor type is offered in two versions: one for orientated installations with holelock mechanism and one for simplified installations in sand.


LE-3D/5s MkIII

Compact, high performance three- component 5 seconds (0.2 Hz) Seismometer

The LE-3D/5s is perfectly suited for all kinds of local and regional seismic monitoring, 
H/V measurements and seismic microzonation.

The seismometer is made for fieldwork in harsh environments: very robust and with ultra-low power consumption.