24-bit Strong Motion Accelerograph

130-SMHR Strong Motion High Resolution Recorder provides accurate data and related information about seismic events, especially as they relate to buildings and structures.

The 130-SMHR meets the USGS Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS) specifications for strong motion reference stations for deployment in urban areas. It is also certified under the California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program (CSMIP) and Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety (LADBS) Accelerograph program.

Both models are made for continuous monitoring of earthquakes and other seismic events, and the recording of strong earthquake shaking at ground sites, in buildings and critical structures. The 130-SMHR advanced communications features include TCP/IP over Ethernet and Asynchronous Serial. An LCD continuously displays state-of-health and status information. The 130-SMHR has three channels connected to an internal triaxial accelerometer. When ordered as a six-channel unit, the three additional channels can be connected to an external sensor.