131D-01/1 Accelerometers

The uniaxial 131D-01/1 is single-axis ±4g full scale accelerometer with a noise performance of 1.2 μg/rtHz.

The accelerometer outputs an industry standard +/- 10V full scale output. The 131D-01/1 is best suited for structural engineering applications (building, bridge, dam monitoring) when the project requires accelerometers to be deployed in uniaxial configuration. The Reftek 131B-01/1 housing is made of anodized aluminum and is sealed to meet IP67 standards for watertight integrity. Mounting is accomplished with two bolts on one of two axes, thus the sensor may be oriented in any direction, including in the vertical axis. This feature is an ideal application for structure monitoring, allowing for flexibility of installation. 

Reftek model 131D Accelerometers provide excellent dynamic range and low noise performance useful when paired with digitizers like the Reftek 130-MC. These accelerometers use a Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) variable capacitance displacement sensor. The accelerometer is inherently stable over temperature, with excellent reliability, exceptional linearity over a broad dynamic range, excellent bias stability, and little hysteresis errors or offset drift problems that are usually associated with other accelerometer designs. The model 131D uniaxial is available in horizontal and vertical model versions.