Uniaxial & Triaxial Accelerometer

The 147 Low Noise Accelerometer uses a state of the art force balance feedback technique to improve performance characteristics over conventional accelerometers.

It is +/-4g full scale and has excellent dynamic range. Make the most of the dynamic range available by combining it with a 24-bi digitizer such as the Wrangler and the 130-MC Recorder.

The 147 High-Resolution Accelerometers are a force‑balance accelerometer that converts acceleration signals into voltage signals to measure various low frequency and ultra-low frequency motion. The 147 accelerometer is available in both triaxial and uniaxial packages.

The 147 accelerometer force balance feedback technique overcomes the shortcomings of nonlinear distortion and threshold of sensitivity of elastic measuring parts. The advanced features of the 147 accelerometer include high sensitivity, large linear range, high resolution, and high dynamic range. The 147 accelerometer has DC response.

High sensitivity, large linear range, high resolution, and high dynamic range make the 147 model best suited for free field applications such as micro zonation, site response, earthquake monitoring, and more. The 147 housing is sealed to meet IP67 standards for watertight integrity. For the triaxial package, mounting is accomplished with a single bolt, and 3 point leveling.