Multi-Channel Seismic Recording System

The 180-MC is a fourth-generation digital recording system designed for structural monitoring and to civil engineering requirements.

Available in a 12-channel or 18-channel configuration, its built-in communication capabilities provide real-time and on-demand data collection across all channels.

Network several 180-MCs to provide comprehensive coverage of movement over larger structures such as dams or bridges. Includes 4 internal 12V DC batteries to provide up to 72 hours of continuous data acquisition in the event of a power interruption. If the interruption exceeds 72 hours, the 180-MC will power down and resume data acquisition automatically when AC power returns and begin recharging the internal batteries.

The MC’s rugged design allows for installation in harsh outdoor environments, and the standard wall-mount design of the enclosure allows the system to be installed out of the way, as opposed to occupying valuable floor space in a building’s electrical room. When using this centralized system, the user has the flexibility to deploy dense sensor arrays around a structure at their discretion. For sites requiring large numbers of recording channels, multiple 180-MCs can be networked together to achieve common triggering of all channels in the system and common time synchronization, establishing a robust solution for large-scale projects.

Compatible with the RTI Software Suite for remote configuration of data recording parameters, such as external alarm settings, independent channel selection, sampling rate, continuous/triggered data streams, and automatic notification settings for state-of-health messages and recorded events. Trigger settings can be set on a per-channel basis with independent trigger thresholds.

COMPASS software provides analytical tools such as CAV, Raw & corrected Acceleration, Arias Intensity, Velocity, Displacement, Response Spectra, PSDs, and FFTs. View and analyze calculations simultaneously or individually