Portable Integrated Seismic Recorder & Accelerometer 

The SMHR2 combines Reftek's latest generation of universal broadband seismic recorder, with the advanced high resolution, force-balance accelerometer, model 147. Designed to facilitate installation, security and maintenance in a single, secure enclosure optimized for early warning system installations.

The SMHR2 features a high-performance 32-bit A/D and boasts a large dynamic range. The enhanced dynamic range enables the SMHR2 to record very small vibrations from its integrated seismic sensor, providing detailed data for seismic analysis.

The internal triaxial accelerometer is a force-balance accelerometer which converts acceleration signals into voltage signals to measure low frequency and ultra-low frequency motion. It features high sensitivity, large linear range, high resolution and high dynamic range making it perfectly suited to Earthquake Early Warning systems. The force balance feedback technique mitigates for mechanical characteristic limitations of conventional accelerometers and overcomes shortcomings in nonlinear distortion and threshold of sensitivity of elastic measuring parts