REF TEK 130-MC Multi-Channel Seismic Recording System


  • 12 or 18 recording channels
  • 24-bit A/D Resolution
  • IP Based Communications over Ethernet
  • Internal, analog POTS modem for dial-up communication
  • 3 independent Relay closures for alarming purposes
  • Embedded and removable mass data storage
  • Remote alerts for event and alarm triggers


  • Structural monitoring for buildings, bridges and dams
  • Dense Accelerometer Arrays


The 130-MC contains REF TEK’s third generation digital recording technology, it’s a robust multi-channel recorder designed for civil engineering and structural monitoring requirements. Built-in communication capabilities allow for real-time and on-demand data collection. The multi-channel recorder is available as a twelve channel or eighteen channel recording system with advanced telemetry for real-time data collection on all channels.

The 130-MC’s network capabilities allow multiple units be interconnected for more complete coverage of movement in a building or on a structure such as a bridge or a dam.

In the case of a power outage, the 130-MC recorder will continue data acquisition, running on four internal 12 V DC batteries for 72 hours. If power is unavailable for more than 72 hours the system shuts down, then, when AC power begins again the 130-MC recorder will resume its previous data acquisition mode and begin re-charging the batteries automatically.

Using REF TEK’s Interface Software (RTI) with a local or remote PC, the user can set all data recording parameters including continuous or triggered data streams, independent channel selection, sampling rate, and trigger settings with independent trigger thresholds on a per channel basis, external alarm settings, and automatic notification settings for state-of-health messages and recorded events.

The user can access the multi-channel flash memory cards to retrieve any recorded event files and state-of-health files, or upload firmware updates and preset parameter files. Updating the system firmware can be completed with a simple file upload and reset of the recorder.

For data analysis the REF TEK Strong Motion Data Processing software (Compass) can calculate and display functions such as CAV, Raw and Corrected Acceleration, Arias Intensity, Velocity, Displacement, Response Spectra, PSDs, and FFTs. This software offers the user the option to view and analyze all calculations simultaneously or individually.


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