REF TEK 130-SMHR 24-bit Strong Motion Accelerograph


  • Low noise force-balance accelerometer
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Simultaneous telemetry and local-recording
  • Low power


  • Free-field recording
  • Structural monitoring for buildings, bridges and dams
  • Regional telemetry networks
  • Aftershock studies


The 130 Strong Motion High Resolution Recorder combines the functionality of the 130S Broadband Seismic Recorder and an advanced low-noise, force-balance, triaxial accelerometer to deliver accurate data and information for seismic events, including their impact on buildings and structures.

The 130-SMHR meets the USGS Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS) specifications for strong motion reference stations for deployment in urban areas and has an internal high resolution force-balance accelerometer with a dynamic range >155dB, and a high precision oscillator for precise time-keeping. The time keeping accuracy is ±10 µsec with GPS locked and a validated 3-D fix.

The 130-SMHR advanced communication features include TC/IP over Ethernet and asynchronous serial. To setup and control the 130-SMHR you can use the iFSC Controller or a desktop computer running the RTI software. The 130-SMHR case allows the installation of an internal battery to provide backup power for more than 48 hours.

An LCD displays health and status information, and the command/control interface allows the users to program and examine the instrument’s operating parameters and perform important diagnostic functions, such as acquisition status, sensor calibration and trigger parameters.


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