REF TEK Colt Compact Broadband Seismometer


  • High dynamic range for portable and vault style installations
  • Exceptionally low self-noise
  • Small and lightweight
  • Shock resistant housing
  • Robust automatic mass unlock system


Permanent and temporary broadband seismic installations including:

  • Local and regional broadband networks
  • Aftershock and portable deployments
  • Earthquake early warning networks (EEW)


The new REF TEK Colt compact broadband seismometer is ready to take on the challenges of portable deployments, and also the rigors of local and regional permanent networks. By using a force-balanced electronic feedback circuit design, the REF TEK Colt has exceptionally low self-noise allowing it to better measure ground motion even at the quietest of sites. Scientists requiring portable or small footprint valt style seismometers now have high dynamic range instrument available for quick easy deployment.

Noise Model Plot for the REF TEK Colt Broadband Seismometer

Noise Model for Ref Tek 151B

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