REF TEK Field Setup Controller Software (iFSC)

REF TEK has developed Field Setup Controller (iFSC) software for command/control of the130 family Recorders in the field. iFSC is an application designed to work with an iOS device. iFSC is used to edit and program the acquisition parameters of the 130 Recorder via the Serial connector.

In using iFSC, the user can communicate and operate a 130 Recorder in the field to provide full station control during portable or permanent seismic station deployments.

The iFSC application can be downloaded from the App Store.

The new REF TEK WiFi Serial Adaptor, which connects the iOS device to the 130 Recorder, is an alternative to the current iFSC Cable. Either the WiFi Serial Adaptor or iFSC-Cable are necessary for command/control functionality of the app and for downloading information from the 130 Recorder to the hand held iFSC Controller.

Below are some of the features available to the user with iFSC software.

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Function Control Screen Displays


iFSC provides two major functions: Control and Configuration of parameters for the 130 family of Recorders.


Control functions include DAS status (including acquisition, GPS, disk, etc.), telemetry configuration (NET), data monitor, sensor control, disk and RAM control, manual time set and reset of the DAS.


Ethernet communication via NET connector supports TCP/IP, UDP/IP, FTP and RTP protocols with standard network configuration.


Serial communication via NET connector supports PPP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, FTP and RTP protocols via Asynchronous
RS-232 communication.


Monitor function allows the user to view data to verify that all connections are setup properly before the experiment starts.


The user can format the REF TEK supplied CF drives used for data storage in the field before or during the experiment.


DAS parameters can be pre-programmed in the lab, loaded from the DAS or setup in the field at the user’s choice.




Flexible menu allows the user to setup the 130 family Recorders for many different applications.



The status screen provides a snapshot and easy access to acquisition control, RAM and disk operations, and provides details for GPS, RTP, and installed boards.



The file transfer capability (via WiFi or Bluetooth) is the newest feature which allows users to copy a configuration file from one hand-held device to another making it easier to deploy a particular configuration file using several hand-held devices.

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