Structural Monitoring Solutions

Man made structures are designed & built to withstand the elements and stand the test of time. However, environmental stressors and seismic activity are the enemy of structural integrity and can have a significant impact on the lifespan of the structure.

REF TEK products are designed to provide real time and historical insight into the actual impact on structures ranging from high-rise residential buildings to major infrastructure such as dams and bridges.

bridge and broken road

structural monitoring

Monitoring provides the information required to support a safe living & working environment.

Major structures are subject to environmental degradation including erosion, freeze/thaw cycles, vibration, stress as well as seismic activity. Monitoring systems can detect seismic activity, micro-seismic vibrations from operation, maintenance & construction activity as well as motion due to settling and other environmental impacts. These stressors can result in cracking in structural components or even liquefaction of the foundation.

Failure to realize the impact a seismic event or environmental stressors have had on a structure can result in further damage to the community. Collapse or failure of dams, tailings pond dams, bridge collapse and loss of the high-rise structure can be catastrophic.

All REF TEK solutions interact with other sensors such as strain meters, inclinometers and tilt sensors, to ensure access to more comprehensive data. Data produced meets requirements specified by seismic and structural specialists.