Offshore Monitoring Systems

The vibration activity monitor is a relatively simple hardware and software system designed to provide updated predictions of the fatigue-loading activity in the jacket major-member welds of offshore oil platforms.
offshore oil platform

Bridge Monitoring Systems

Bridge monitoring systems provide the information required to support a safe transportation system.

bridge over ocean

Pipeline & Underground Structure Monitoring

The long length, large investments, sometimes high risk of human and environmental impact along with difficult access conditions, make an automated monitoring system desirable for pipelines, tunnel

above ground pipeline

Dam & Reservoir Monitoring

Continuous evaluation and monitoring of a dam is necessary for the health and safety of dams and the people who depend on these important structures.

dam monitoring


The 147 Low Noise model is +/- 4g full scale and provides excellent dynamic range which is useful when used with 24-bit digitizers like the REF TEK 130S Series Data Loggers and the 130-MC recorder.
A third-generation digital recording system designed for structural monitoring and to civil engineering requirements. Its built-in communication capabilities provide real time and on-demand data collection across all channels.
130-SMHR Strong Motion High Resolution Recorder provides accurate data about seismic events, especially as they relate to buildings and structures.
Structures such as high-rise buildings, dams, oil platforms and bridges are subject to vibration, ground movement, extreme weather conditions and construction activities. Any of these can have an impact on their structural health.
an image of tall buildings