The ultra low power geodetic grade reference receiver. Optional embedded telemetry makes the Resolute Reference the ultimate receiver for remote applications.
A ruggedized version of the Resolute, to extend the temperature range and conditions the Resolute can operate in.

Earthquake Early Warning Systems

Earthquakes pose significant and potentially catastrophic risk to urban areas located near major active fault lines and offshore subduction zones.  Earthquake early warning systems (EEW) have been

road destroyed by earthquake

Earthquake Aftershock Studies

Large aftershocks pose a substantial hazard to populated areas. Sometimes they can cause more damage, injury and fatalities than the main shock.

active volcano
The 151B Observer is a force-balance feedback sensor with available frequency bandwidth from 0.0083 (or 120 s) – 50 Hz. It is ideal for use in seismicity studies due to its low self-noise performance.


The 147 Low Noise model is +/- 4g full scale and provides excellent dynamic range which is useful when used with 24-bit digitizers like the REF TEK 130S Series Data Loggers and the 130-MC recorder.
This flexible and portable broadband seismometer is ideal for portable deployments and rugged enough for long term deployment in local and regional networks.
130-SMHR Strong Motion High Resolution Recorder provides accurate data about seismic events, especially as they relate to buildings and structures.